Electrical Analyzer


General features

  • True RMS measures
  • 4 quadrants measuring
  • 3 voltage channels with common neutral
  • 3 insulated current channel (CT /5A)
  • Backlighted LCD display (2 rows x 16 colums) with push button for page scrolling
  • RS232/RS485 serial interface
  • 512 kb non-volatile memory for data recording
  • Non-volatile real time clock
  • DIN 46277 rail (EN50022)

Available versions
Product codes: EMsss-mmm-vvv-c where:

  • sss: serial interface 232=RS232; 485=RS485
  • mmm: data memory size 128=128k; 512=512k
  • vvv: voltage channels rating 400=400V ; 100=100V (option)
  • c: current channels rating 5=5A; 1=1A (option)

For further information, please download our technical data sheet (DOWNLOAD AREA, left sidebar)

Measure circuits

  • Nominal Voltage Vn: 3 channels 100 Vac or 400 Vac (depending on model)
  • Nominal current In: 3 insulated channels 5 Aac or 1 Aac (depending on model).
  • PT and CT ratio user selectable for MV/HV application
  • Permanent overload: 1.2 Vn; 1.2 In
  • Voltage channels impedance: 1 MOhm

50/60 Hz networks measures

  • Phase-Phase and Phase-Neutral voltage
  • Phase current
  • Active, reactive and apparent power
  • Cosphi and PF
  • Generated and consumed active energy
  • Capacitive and inductive reactive energy
  • Voltage and current thd and harmonics, up to 25th order (as % of fundamental)
  • Frequency
  • 2 Digital inputs counters (for pulse emitting meters

Power supply

  • 85-265 V AC/DC
  • Consumption: 5 VA

Accuracy (class)

  • Voltage: 0.5% reading ± 2 digits
  • Current: 0.5% reading ± 2 digits
  • Power: 1% reading ± 2 digits


  • Storage (single-phase or three-phase, with programmable interval from 1 minute to 24 hours)
    of average measure of voltages, currents, powers, cosphi/PF, pulses counts,
    THD and harmonics percentage of voltage and current, with memory size of 512 kB
  • Up to 1000 recordable alarm events in an independent memory area


  • Backlighted 2 rows x 16 characters LCD
  • Scrolling of measure pages through push button
  • Remote messages displaying

Digital I/O

  • 2 outputs programmable as pulse emitters, alarms or remotely controlled
  • 2 inputs for pulse counting

Serial interface

  • RS232 or RS485 (programmable address)
  • Modbus RTU protocol

Clock – calendar

  • dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss format with ± 30 sec/month accuracy

Mechanical specifications

  • Size: 9 DIN 43880 modules, depth 58 mm
  • Enclosure: plastic, self-extinguishing
  • Weight: 800 g
  • Protection degree: IP20

TWM is really simple to use: it is possible to select sequentially all the measures pages by pressing the SELECT pushbutton.
After a time of 30 seconds elapsed from last selection, the default page is automatically selected.

The currently active page is set as default page by keeping pressed the pushbutton for 3 seconds.
The factory set default page is the phase-to-neutral voltage.

In case of receiving messages via serial interface, the messages page is displayed until the SELECT button is pressed.

All operating parameters are programmable through software via serial interface and are stored in non-volatile memory.
The unit can be equipped with the TWMLink software utility, allowing the unit setup via serial interface. For enhanced software packages (EquaLink or EliteSQL), please contact the dealer.

Programmable parameters via serial interface using the PC software
Node address: 1
PIN: -1
Network type: Three-phase
CT ratio: 1
PT ratio: 1
Voltage mode for recorder (phase-neutral or phase-phase): Phase-Neutral
Measures to record: All
Integration period (minutes): 15
Daylight saving time (EU standard): Enabled
Digital output operation (energy pulse emitter, remotely controlled, alarms): None
Digital input operation: None
Energy quantum for enery pulse emitter: 4000 pulses./kWh
Synchronization frequency: Automatic
Default frequency: 50 Hz
Events to record: All
Lower voltage threshold: 210 V
Upper voltage threshold: 250 V
Alarm threshold: 0 (disabled)
Alarm to monitor: None

For further information, please download our technical data sheet (DOWNLOAD AREA, left sidebar)