What is PowerWorx?

GreenLab Engineering proposes a new solution for power factor correction of the LV industrial loads, highly innovative compared to the traditional capacitors based systems.
Using a sophisticated power electronics, PowerWorx makes the power factor correction in a completely static way and without switching capacitors. It compensates both inductive and capacitive reactive loads, in a precise and fast way (approx. 2 cycles).
Being without capacitors and electro-mechanical parts, it grants high reliability, service life ≥ 10 years and low total costs of ownership.

Special features

PowerWorx is specifically designed for the distributed compensation, being able to act directly on each individual load.


What are the PowerWorx benefits?

Optimizing the power factor correction: reactive compensation where it is needed.

Reducing the joule losses along the power line, from the meter to the connection point of the load.

Operating in parallel with existing traditional power factor correction capacitors banks to adapt them to new requirements (change in the reactive load of a plant, variation in the reactive energy regulation limits).

Increasing the fault tolerance: currently, if the centralized traditional power factor correction system has a fault, is affectes all the underlying plant. On the contrary, if a single distributed PowerWorx fails, only local reactive power correction fails, while others installed on the plant will continue to perform their work properly.


PowerWorx is fully electronic, without switched capacitors banks, so that:

Adjusts the power factor in 4 quadrants, being able to deliver capacitive and inductive reactive power and thus adapt to any type of load and preventing the load goes into "capacitive".

Performs precise and continuous power factor correction action (not discrete steps such as that obtained by the traditional systems with capacitors banks) and fast (adapting the reactive power to the load request, in a cycle of the line voltage).

Has high reliability since there are no electro-mechanical parts resulting in an average life of 10 years and minimal maintenance costs.


PowerWorx through its data interface provides also:

A complete series of electric measures (instantaneous and historical trends) at the installation point.

A built-in web server allowing to view all the operation parameters and to control the device.

Further information