About us

Founded in 1988, TW-TeamWare S.r.l. is a dynamic engineering company, based in Milan, specialized in design and manufacture of instruments and systems for electrical grids monitoring and control.

The developments are made in three specialized areas:

TW-TeamWare has a staff of 35 people: hardware engineers, firmware and software designers, systems analysts, laboratory technicians, mechanical engineers and administrative employees.

All company activities are regulated by internal procedures of the Corporate Quality Manual.

TW-TeamWare has obtained quality certifications according to the
ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 45001:2018 - ISO 27001:2017 international standards.

Achieving of corporate targets is guaranteed by the high professionalism of the staff, as the result of decades of experience in working with companies operating in advanced technology in measurement, control and automation sectors.

Professional fairness and reliability in relationships with customers are achieved targets.

Our team

Andrea Giardini

Co-founder - President

Giorgio Saccavino

Co-founder - Engineering manager

Massimo Buratto

Remote control B.U manager

Gianluca Zanetto

Co-founder - CEO

Roberto Conti

Monitoring B.U. manager – IT manager

Our solutions

Technologically advanced products and systems, followed at all stages of the design process, manufacturing, commissioning, after sales support.

years of experience

For advanced products and systems

Top customers

Carefully and professionally followed


A skilled, cohesive and efficient team


Monitored every day