S3 – Smart Security System

S3 – Smart Security System

With the participation of TeamWare and all its partners, the project S3 – Smart Security System – was completed in November 2019. S3 is an innovative access control and environmental monitoring system that integrates sensors, personal identification devices and environmental control systems with methods of artificial intelligence, to validate access and provide remote assistance in case of need.

The S3 project, led by the company Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta SpA, was co-financed by the Lombardy Region as part of the “SMART LIVING” call (initiative established with DGR X / 5520 of 2 August 2016, modified and integrated with DGR X / 6811 of 30 June 2017).

To find out more: https://es3.unibs.it/projects/s3/

Information according to law 124/2017 (Article 1, paragraphs 125 to 129)

  • SMART LIVING call: Integrazione tra produzione servizi e tecnologia nella filiera costruzioni-legno-arredo-casa (D.G.R. n. X/5520 del 2 agosto 2016).
  • Project ID: 379327
  • Name / Tax code of the recipient: TW-TeamWare Srl / 12305840154
  • Name / Tax code of the paying: Finlombarda SpA / 01445100157
  • Amount collected or value of the benefit received: € 134.400,00, corresponding to the amount of € 140.000,00, paid net of the withholding tax of 4%, equal to € 5.600,00, in accordance to article 28 of the DPR no.600/73, as follows:
    • € 53.760,00, corresponding to the gross advance 40%, paid on 31/03/2020
    • € 80.640,00, final payment, paid on 28/01/2021

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