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Zvei probe


icona_pdfData Sheet

Zvei Probe

IEC 61107 (62056-21)

  • Overview
  • Specifications

The ZVEI Probe - IEC 61107 is an optical interface used to connect PCs and Pocket PCs to tariff meters of
electric power and gas, with galvanically insulated connection. 

It allows the bidirectional communication between the devices, using an infrared LED for the transmission and a fototransistor for receiving; power supply of the device comes directly from the PC serial / USB port. An appropriate circuitry allows to limit the current consumption to few mAmps, but guaranteeing the perfect operation with any RS232 serial port with voltages +/- 15V and 0-5V, and any USB port.

Supported baudrates range from 300 to 19200 bit/sec.

To simplify the development of the communication software, it is electronically guaranteed the suppression of
echo while receiving; echo should be otherwise present because of optical reflections. On request, the device is also available in a version that electronically guarantees the presence of echo of the transmitted signal. The probe magnet is built in "rare earths", to assure a tighter link with the meter in comparison to the traditional magnets (F > 15N).

The USB device is equipped with USB type A connector, USB 1.1 and 2.0 full speed compliance, and comes with CD including drivers for Windows XP: drivers for others o.s. are downlodable on chip manufacturer web site (FTDI –

Interface: IEC RS-232C / USB
Consumption: DTR supply (+15 V):
< 15 mA (in tx); < 10 mA (in rx)
Baudrate: from 300 to 19200 bit / sec.
Cable / Connector:

Serial Zvei probe cable can have a SUB-D 9 pin male connector for connection to a Pocket PC (DCE), or alternatively a SUB-D 9 pin female connector for connection to a PC (DTE).
USB Zvei probe cable has a USB type A connector for connection to a PC.
Cable length is 1,5 metres.


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